Discover the Benefits:

Process Tempo can improve data throughput by over a 1000%

Amazing data throughput is achieved by a tactic we call "Just-in-time" Data Processing. You can read more about it here.  In a nut-shell, JIT data processing means the IT department is better equipped to serve the data needs of the business. Rather than days or weeks, end users can access the data they need in seconds - creating amazing improvements in data throughput.

Process Tempo can improve adoption rates by 4x

Process Tempo is an analysis platform that caters to the non-technical user. This is a very different approach when compared to existing analytical tools. To take advantage of our platform, a user requires minimal training and a modern web-browser. Our approach equates to a significant boost to end-user adoption.

Process Tempo increases overall data quality

By combining a much more efficient data pipeline process, with a use interface that enables greater end user adoption, the odds of discovering data quality issues increases significantly. This means issues are found sooner rather than later and the business as a whole benefits.

Additional Benefits:

Understand the impact


Process Tempo captures data and not just pretty pictures. Unlike other modeling solutions, our models make the business more transparent by allowing for in-depth analysis.

Reuse your work


Process Tempo applies a modern and intuitive approach to visual diagramming that enables greater reuse. We help analysts and researchers to be much more productive.

Minimal Training Required

Process Tempo is designed to be simple to use. This simplicity equates to greater cross-department cooperation, faster implementations and greater chances of project success.

Improve Collaboration


Process Tempo allows businesses to "crowdsource" efforts. Why recreate the wheel when someone else has already done the work? No more isolated, disconnected efforts.

Capture Tribal Knowledge


Process Tempo provides a single repository for capturing data about the business.  It becomes the business glossary for the organization and the place to go for new employees.

Analyze your business

Process Tempo allows users to ask questions of their business. Why do we do it this way? What is impacted by this change? Can you ask questions of your data?

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