Enabling insight for risk and compliance

Risk or compliance can only be understood by first having a solid understanding of relationships

Tackling risk and compliance issues requires a comprehensive understanding of how parts of the business interconnect

Process Tempo enables auditors and Change Agents  to explore and understand the connections between people, processes and technology using a web-browser and a mouse

Process Tempo provides the critical components required to maintain a risk and compliance strategy:

  • A central repository for storing information

  • An easy-to-use front-end

  • A multi-dimensional approach to viewing, searching and analyzing data

  • Rules to maintain consistent use of terminology

  • Features that allow users to easily explore content

What is your strategy?

Our approach

Process Tempo enables organizations to collect the data they need to maintain compliance and satisfy the needs of auditors. Our user-centric approach, equates to greater input and increased quality of information.

Alternative Approaches:


Organizations run on a maze of spreadsheets which is why audits are extremely painful.


Spreadsheets have a fundamental flaw in that they capture information in only two dimensions when in reality information is multi-dimensional.

Business analysts know all about these flaws. You can learn more about this here.


Requiring the ability to support natural language processing (NLP), a document-centric approach uses an algorithm to tag  documents with "entity" based information.


This approach has a fundamental flaw in that NLP engines do not capture the relationships between entities. For an auditor this equates to time and headache.

We help you to capture the knowledge necessary to answer critical compliance related questions





From Where?

To Where?

On What?


Owners, authors, respondents, users, developers, 3rd parties

Process Tempo helps you to connect the people to the systems, functions, data and processes that fuel your organization

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