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Establish Intelligent Risk Management Strategies & Ensure Compliance
 Comprehensive overviews of key areas and their dependencies

Critical components required to maintain a risk and compliance strategy:

  • A central repository for storing information

  • An easy-to-use front-end

  • A multidimensional approach to viewing, searching and analyzing data

  • Rules to maintain consistent use of terminology

  • Features that allow users to easily explore content

Traditional Approach

The Spreadsheets & Docs Combo: 


Spreadsheets capture mostly raw data that has little to no context. Documents contain more context but are usually tagged with "entity" based information, leaving the actual information and data within the document unlinked.

Not having a comprehensive, transparent overview of your systems can be problematic - and costly.


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Process Tempo captures data in a way that makes it contextual. Each data component is directly (or indirectly) linked to other relevant components, and the relationship between them is clearly identified in contextual terms.


We help generate comprehensive overviews to help organizations properly manage their data and keep costs low.

Capture the knowledge necessary to answer

critical compliance-related questions


Owners, authors, respondents, users, developers, 3rd parties

Process Tempo helps you to connect the people to the systems, functions, data and processes that fuel your organization

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