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Enabling Business Continuity In The Face Of Change

Your goal: Turning complexity into insight

Look beyond hardware and software 

Maintaining operational resilience requires a comprehensive view of the people, processes, and technology that the business depends on. Focusing solely on​ hardware or software will provide only a fraction of the data and information needed to make sound decisions. The big picture is required.
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Operations Resiliency requires organizations to have a wholistic view into operations. This view needs to combine information from a variety of sources in a way that emphasizes connections. By doing so we make the impact of change easily understood and get more eyes on the data.

What is Needed

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INTEGRATION aand operational resiliency requires data from multiple sources brought together into a single perspective.

Process Tempo provides pre-built integrations with many popular platform monitoring solutions such as Dynatrace and Splunk.
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MAPPING it is often very difficult to combine data from multiple systems into a common platform because these disparate systems use different identifiers and naming conventions.

Process Tempo has built-in features such as our Alias Engine that uses machine learning to identify potential mappings allowing you to link various assets together into a common view.
DASHBOARDING provides a common view so organizations can begin to ask questions of the data. For example, "What applications use these servers? Who owns these applications? Which applications are not compliant or a security risk?"

Process Tempo makes it easy to deploy pixel-perfect dashboards without per-user license restrictions.
IMPACT ANALYSIS is the ability to understand how assets are interconnected. For example, if this server goes down, what applications will be impacted? 

Process Tempo provides the mechanism to make connections within data to facility downstream and upstream impact analysis.
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AUDITABILITY is needed to check the status of change. This process often requires feedback from the users involved. Presenting data is only half the equation. Users will need to be able to provide feedback as well.

Process Tempo makes it easy for organizations to stand-up custom forms to collect user information as part of a broader set of processes or procedures.

Building a larger perspective often requires change. To accomplish this change the business needs to implement the right approach. 
Process Tempo leverages a proven approach based on decades of experience helping organizations to implement a modern data strategy.

How do I get started?

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