Empower technical and non-technical users with advanced data capabilities to help propel your business forward

Designed for non-technical users. Enhance functionality, flexibility, and scalability, all while reducing cost. Searchable data to support easier access to information, like Google™ for your business. Centrally monitor the use of your data from a single catalog interface.

Allow and manage data access for those who need it, where they need it, and exactly when they need it. No more wait times. Import data from multiple, disconnected datasets into a single, central platform that everyone can use. Manage security and entitlement from a central administrative console. Onboard and off-board users with ease. Get projects off the ground faster.

Out-of-the-box analytics solutions to create instant insights. Can be extended to include 3rd party curated analytics created by our user community. Built-in, no code report builder integrates with other platforms. Built in analysis features to empower even your least-technical users

Complexity is one of the greatest challenges modern organizations are faced with.
Removing complexity translates to leaner, more agile organizations.
Implement Cross-Functional
Data Governance
Centralized data governance: 
Improving how data is captured and utilized will create new opportunities for analysis and improvement and serves as the foundation for removing undue complexity.
Use Data to Help Predict the Impact of Change
Understanding relationships is key:
It is critically important to spell out how different parts of the business interact. Mapping of people, process and technology will create greater opportunity for growth and cost reduction.
Learn to Crowdsource
A functioning knowledge base:
Process Tempo provides a home for  brings human-curated data also known as "tribal knowledge". Capturing this data removes a great deal of complexity.

Product Features

Import Modeler and Data Explorer

Bring Disconnected Data Together

Import data from multiple, disconnected datasets into a single, central data platform. Host this data in the cloud or on-premise.

Global Knowledge Graph & Search Engine

Easier Access to Information

A searchable, easy-to-use feature that mimics the natural, intuitive search process, like a Google™ for your business. 

Network Analysis

Deploy Artificial Intelligence

Expose the relationships that exist in your data. Couple with unique analytics to create new ways to generate.

Visual Modeler

Empower Business Users

Allow users to visually model how the world works using a mouse and a web-browser. This fosters communication and collaboration.

Catalog Editor

Improve Data Governance

Data is a vital asset that requires careful management and monitoring. Centrally monitor the use of your data from a single catalog interface.

Admin Console

Maintain Control

Manage security and entitlement from a central administrative console, onboard and off-board users with ease, and get projects off ground faster.

  • Reduced decision cycle time through providing relevant and accurate information just in time for decisions to be made;


  • Enhanced workforce effectiveness and productivity thanks to the possibility of performing more in-depth and fast data analysis;


  • Improved communication and collaboration among decision makers, as they are all provided with equal access to the same data;


  • Easy sharing and reporting of this operational data;


  • Facilitated learning and the development of a better understanding of the business environment and overall operations;


  • Increased organizational control as transaction data becomes readily available for performance monitoring and ad hoc querying to help stay up to date with business operations

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