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Understanding security and entitlement

Process Tempo provides a central repository for users, systems and hardware and how they interact

Process Tempo provides a novel, multi-dimensional approach to security and entitlement analysis. We help to capture the who, what, when and where in a single, easy to query environment
How we support security and entitlement analysis:
Visual Model2.png
We thrive in complex environments
Process Tempo focuses on connections. We leverage a unique analysis platform that supports extremely complex business environments.
Avantor Network View.png
We provide a central platform for analysis
Security and entitlement information is often spread out across multiple systems. Process Tempo makes it easy to bring this data together in a common analysis platform
We help organizations spot anomalous behavior
Process Tempo provides built-in features to help users spot information that sits outside the norm.
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We work well with 3rd party applications
Process Tempo can collect data from a variety of different often disconnected systems to create comprehensive views of information
RelationShip Analysis.jpg
We can collect and analyze metadata
The collection and dissemination of metadata is an important part of security and entitlement analysis. Process Tempo makes this easy
Admin Console.png
We provide a single, data access console
Having a single entitlement console for your data assets not only makes control easier it reduces risk

Security and Entitlement:

A world of interconnected but disconnected parts

There are plenty of reasons why an organization would want a better grip on who has access to what: compliance, security, access rights, just to name a few. There is also a cost associated with getting it wrong.
Process Tempo helps by making it very easy to collect, store, search and analyze entitlement information in a single platform. Our unique approach means you can take a very complex set of data and not only make it useful but also turn it into a cost saver.
With Process Tempo, you can collect information about:
Web Applications
Mobile Devices
Network Attached Storage
...and then turn this information into structured data that allows your users to make sense of this chaotic world. Interested in giving it a try?

Ready to learn more?

We make it very easy for organizations to get started. Let's have a conversation on how we can help.
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