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360 Analytics Solutions

Leverage a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the data that defines your customers, suppliers, or employees and improves how you engage with them


Customer 360

Customer data is often collected and stored across multiple internal systems. This is especially true for larger organizations that have grown through mergers or acquisition. Bring it all together from across your organization and create unparalleled perspectives with Process Tempo.


Uncover patterns that exist within your data to help drive new sales opportunities

Optimize Marketing Strategies

Tailor efforts and design personalized messages based on the habits of high value customers

Grow Lifetime Value

Capture recency, frequency and profitability of your customers

Increase Customer Acquisition

Target customers that match the profile of high-profit, repeat customers

Increase Quota Attainment

Empower sales and marketing with direct access to granular customer data

Improve Customer Loyalty

Capture, identify, and analyze patterns that indicate customer churn

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