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Introducing SNAP:

The ServiceNow™ Analysis Platform

All your essentials, all in one place

What is SNAP?

SNAP is an analysis platform powered by Process Tempo that provides a rich set of analytical and discovery capabilities for ServiceNow™ users. 

SNAP Discovery

SNAP Discovery provides a simple and fast "Google-like" search capability to assist users in finding or discovering ServiceNow data. In addition, users can enter "Explorer" mode to explore the data in a visual and ad-hoc fashion.

SNAP Impact Analysis

SNAP provides out-of-the-box discovery and analysis capabilities that allow non-technical users to explore ServiceNow data. SNAP stores this data as an interconnected set of records. This provides a level of clarity that you cannot get out of ServiceNow alone.

SNAP Perspective

SNAP also allows organizations to include 3rd party or external data sources alongside ServiceNow data. Connect content such as policies, procedures, people and other facets of the business to ServiceNow. With this ability decision makers have increased clarity and can make smarter, more informed decisions.

SNAP Visual Modeling

SNAP includes a sleek design interface allowing business users to create their own visual representations of how information is connected. This helps users break complex scenarios into easy to understand visualizations.

SNAP Professional Services

SNAP Professional Services (required with each purchase) guarantees the support and guidance necessary to make the SNAP implementation a success. Included in these services are ServiceNow integration services and custom 3rd-party data uploading scripts.
See how SNAP can add value to you and your team and make your ServiceNow implementation a success
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