A Cloud Data Warehouse that is

Easy to Use,

Simple to Deploy, and Delivers Powerful Insight

Bring People and Data Together

Create new insights that enable positive change
Allow your team to search, explore and create views into your data without having to write code. Traverse your world of data with a browser and a mouse!
Connect traditionally disconnected datasets
Traditional data warehouse technologies are extremely inflexible. Bring data together with a simpler approach to data modeling.
Get the entire team on the same page
Self-service access to data often means spreadsheets. Now you can replace these spreadsheets with a single web-browser and get the entire team on one page.


Simpler Access to Information
Cloud or On-premise Deployments
Built-in Advanced Analysis Feartures
Built-in Data Governance Features


Capture data from multiple systems
Reduces Dependence on Spreadsheets


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Our goal is to help businesses understand the value of their data

1000% Faster Data Access
IT departments are delivering data faster and  creating a boost to customer service and overall productivity
4x the Adoption Rate
The complexity of data and analytics meant only a few could benefit from it. Not any more! 
Improved Data Quality
With a much more efficient data pipeline and a "Crowd-Sourced" approach, data quality issues are spotted sooner


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