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Advanced Analysis


  • Out-of-the-box advanced analytics capabilities and solutions to create and deliver insights fast

  • Specifically built to empower all your users with greater technical abilities from even your least-technical to your most proficient. 

  • Built-in, no code integrations with other platforms to deliver insight as soon as needed.

  • Import data from multiple, disconnected datasets

  • Enhance functionality, flexibility, and scalability, all while reducing cost

  • Searchable data to support easier access to information - like a Google™ for your business

  • Centrally monitor the use of your data from a single catalog interface

  • Allow and manage data access for those who need it, where they need it, and exactly when they need it

  • Manage security and entitlement from a central administrative console.

  • Onboard and off-board users with ease and get projects off the ground faster.

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Boost your analytics efforts with
Analytics as a Service from Process Tempo

Armed with collective decades of experience in the data & analytics industry, we'll work closely with you to resolve the problems created by unique complex data environments, help realize the full value of data, and help guide you to and through countless opportunities using our Three Pillar Approach.


The Ultimate Guide to Analytics as a Service

For Executives & IT Leaders

Use Cases

For asset inventory, auditing data structures, leveraging data for decision-making, and aggregating information

For asset inventory, auditing data structures, leveraging data for decision-making, and aggregating information

Empower sales & marketing by identifying patterns and trends in highly-targeted markets and audiences

Designed to bridge the gap between IT and the scientific community, providing a foundation for shared knowledge

Create operational resiliency through an transparency-focused approach

Create higher student success rates with calculated path-to-success initiatives backed by data & analytics

Get an overview of the knowledge necessary to answer critical compliance-related questions

A complete System-of-Record for Data Protection Officers

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