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A Global Data Catalog Can Be Game Changing

Capture a complete picture of your data infrastructure by combining data from ALL of the systems that touch it.


The need for transparency is more important than ever

Why? Data moves extremely fast and for large enterprises this intense pace creates an insane amount of complexity. Analysts looking to leverage data to make data-driven decisions need a clear picture of how data is procured. Without it, data-driven decisions are put at risk. Establishing a Global Data Catalog can solve this problem.

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Benefits of A Global Data Catalog

Less Complexity

By making data easier to discover, analysts will be more inclined to reuse existing data artifacts and less likely to create new ones from scratch.

Less Duplicate Effort

With a central data catalog researchers will find it easier to reuse existing data assets rather than create new ones from scratch.

Greater Confidence

A well organized and easy to navigate data architecture instills greater end user confidence that the data itself will be well-organized.

Faster Results

Analysts will spend less time trying to find the data assets they need and more time developing solutions. This will produce faster results.

Greater Transparency

Having a single place to go to find information will make it far easier for analysts to find what they are looking for.

Increased Accuracy

With data easier to search, discover and access, adoption increases. Greater adoption means more eyes on the data and greater data quality.

Context is Mandatory for Data-Driven Decisions

Context answers the questions of "Who", "What", "When", "Where", "Why" and "How" - critical questions anyone should ask of their data,

Yet, most decision makers lack the context they need and often go with gut or intuition when evaluating the use of data to help drive their decisions.

What about Data Catalog tools?

Data Catalog tools capture metadata, not context. They simply lack the features and embedded processes necessary to collect contextual information.

Context requires integrated workflow.

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A Winning Combination

A Global Data Catalog requires three key capabilities:

  • A state-of-the-art data processing capability

  • A modern graph data warehouse

  • An integrated dashboarding and workflow solution

Process Tempo, Modak Analytics Limited, and Neo4j provide all of these capabilities in a fully integrated software stack designed to accelerate the deployment of a global data catalog,

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High-speed graph database with unbounded scale, security, and data integrity for mission-critical intelligent applications.


Learn more at

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Intelligent Data Orchestration

Modak Nabu™ accelerates data preparation by 4X, at a petabyte scale, by automating repetitive tasks, with active metadata services.

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Learn more at


Rapid Application Development

Process Tempo helps to bring ideas to life with the combination of self-service analytics, embedded workflow and an integrated, state-of-the-art graph database.

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