Intelligent Cloud Migration

Delivering the insights and controls necessary for digital transformation and cloud optimization.

Optimize cloud migration with Process Tempo

Cloud migration efforts are often conducted with a high degree of obscurity making it very difficult for stakeholders to understand the true status of this effort. 
Migrating to the cloud is no small feat. From planning, to executing, to monitoring and optimizing, you need a modern solution that can keep you on track and ensure success before, during, and after your migration takes place. Process Tempo consolidates your critical migration information and processes into a centralized application, keeping you organized, focused, and efficient each step of the way.

Intelligent Planning

Easily plan and manage your cloud migration projects from a single interface

Intelligent Execution

Reduce the risk of migration failures through comprehensive execution phases

Intelligent Monitoring

Monitor progress and performance in near real-time, ensuring your migration stays on track

Intelligent Optimization

Optimize your migration as it progresses for maximum efficiency

Plan your migration with confidence.

When it comes to Cloud Migration planning, you're typically left to your own devices - especially when it comes to assessing your data sets and mapping out the migration. Process Tempo can streamline the planning process and help you avoid costly migration mistakes.

Data Ownership

It’s likely different user groups are storing their data in different places. Start by identifying each of them and their respective business owners with Process Tempo's Ownership Audit. Clearly link people to data and keep a close eye should it update or change.

Establish your criteria and double-check your datasets post-migration for both user and application access as well as data integrity. With Process Tempo, all your data stays linked in one place, allowing you to spot and address discrepancies more easily. 


How accurate are your migration calculations? Does your data back up your conclusions? How divided up is the project? How divided up should the project be? What is the criteria for the division?  Mapping out a migration without visibility is a significant risk.

Process Tempo brings unparalleled transparency to the scope of your migration, preventing mapping from occurring in data isolation and ensuring you're not missing any critical data from the equation.


How confident are you in the accuracy of your roll-out period? Of your import frequency calculations? Operational timings? With Cloud Migration, it's essential to automate as much as possible to reduce the risk of error. Skip manual, error-prone approaches to scheduling processes and use Process Tempo to automate what you can, and keep track of what you can't.


Cloud and cloud migration costs can often run high as a result of lifting and shifting poor quality, irrelevant, outdated, or duplicate data from legacy systems. With Process Tempo, you can more easily understand what you need and what you don't.

Whether it's understanding structure of source data storage, correcting architecture as necessary before migrating, deleting duplicates and legacy elements, or establishing standards and naming conventions, everything is more straightforward and organized with Process Tempo.