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The IT and Business Operations Audit

Is data complexity impacting your ability to innovate?

Organizations often struggle with a vast amount of data sourced from a complex array of systems and processes​. This can create an extremely complex and difficult environment that becomes resistant to change. 
The IT-BO Audit is designed to help organizations reduce complexity enabling them to implement positive change.
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What the IT-BO Can Do For Your Business

In the Classroom
Answer Questions
The audit makes it easier for users to access to clean, contextual information making it easier for the organization to ask questions of its data
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Ask New Questions
Due to the unique way in which data is captured, the audit creates opportunities for the business to ask questions of the data they were never able to ask prior
Enable Change
Enable Change
The audit creates a map of the moving parts of the business - the people, process and technology. Armed with map, the business can perform the analysis required to implement change
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Uncover Gaps
The audit can reveal problems that may exist in data collection or find issues within the business processes that might create gaps in insight. It answers the question: Can we even do this with what we have today?
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Improve Data Quality
The audit takes advantage of Process Tempo's ability to make data easier to access. This often exposes data quality issues which have gone undetected allowing the team to correct them
Market Analysis
Foster Collaboration
The crowd-sourced approach to problem solving and the ease of use of the  Process Tempo platform enables cross-department efforts and fosters greater collaboration

What does the IT-BO Deliver?

The IT-BO Audit is focused on removing complexity and producing insight. The goal is to help organizations implement transformative change in a safe and efficient manner. To achieve this, the IT-BO Audit produces the following deliverables:
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The Knowledge Graph
The Knowledge Graph is the main deliverable of the IT-BO Audit. It represents a comprehensive  map of the people, processes and technology that the use case requires or impacts
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Powerful Analytics
The audit focuses heavily on exposing key metrics for analysis and discovery. Impact Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Network Analysis are just a few of the type of analyses performed during the engagement
A Common Glossary
Curing data complexity is only part of the problem. Mapping the diverse set of terms used across the business is also important. The audit also produces a common business glossary which can be carried forward after the completion of the audit
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Data Lineage Models
Untangling how data is produced, how it is processed and where it is consumed is critically important for organizations wishing to make smarter, data-driven business decisions. The data lineage models produced as a result of the audit can greatly improve future transformation efforts
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Ownership Models
The Ownership Model helps organizations understand the stakeholders involved with the objects in the Knowledge Graph (data, processes, servers, etc). This is important when trying to implement change it answers the question: Who is impacted by this change?
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Process Maps
Process Maps link the various parts of the business from a process perspective. Transformation efforts greatly benefit from this understanding. These maps form the foundation for 'as--is' and 'to-be' analysis


How long is the IT-BO Audit?
The audit is a 60-day engagement which consists of six sprints conducted over a twelve-week period.
How much does it cost?
Pricing is subject to change so it is best to contact a Process Tempo sales representative (Contact Us). Fees paid during this engagement can be credited back to a full-year license commitment. 
What resources will my company need to provide?
The engagement is designed to minimize the impact on the organization and those involved. Typically the client assigns a part-time project manager and will make various subject matter experts available on a part-time basis as needed.
What data will I need?
There is no limit to the amount of data or the number of use cases you can test during the audit. Therefore, bring to the audit any data deemed important in whatever format that is easiest.
Where is the data sto?
Data will be imported into a secure, hosted installation of Process Tempo. For clients that cannot share their data outside of the organization, other arrangements can be made. Local installations can greatly impact the commencement of the audit if this infrastructure is not secured in advance.
What if we do do not want to continue to use the platform after the audit?
The IT-BO Audit utilizes the Process Tempo platform. If there is no interest in continuing the use the platform after the audit the data and reports will be accessible for an additional six months in a read-only state. For local installations, the deliverables will be stored in open formats accessible by 3rd party applications and services.

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