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How To Beat Supply Chain Complexity

Exclusive Data Roundtable

Thursday, October 6, 11 AM EDT

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Featuring guests from

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Today’s supply chain leaders, armed with data, are expected to anticipate and mitigate challenges more intelligently than ever. But rising levels of volatility and complexity are pushing the limits of their data & analytics capabilities, forcing them to seek out more agile and transparent solutions.

This exclusive roundtable
brings together a panel of experts to discuss recent innovations across graph technology, data, automation and advanced analytics that are helping supply chain leaders overcome supply chain complexity and react faster to ever changing conditions.

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Christian Stelea
Managing Director

Before his current role, Cristian worked at The Coca-Cola Company for 29 years. In his most recent role as Senior Global Director, Global Technical Data Intelligence, he led the PLM (Product Lifecycle Mgmt.) operation management, drafted supply chain digital strategy, and directed key processes digitization efforts, analytics capability, and simplification of business applications for the technical community, center, and field.


Dr. Maya Natarajan is Senior Director of Knowledge Graphs at Neo4j. She is passionate about bringing different technologies together to solve complex problems. At Neo4j, Maya is championing the use of knowledge graphs to bring context to various systems. Maya has positioned technologies from blockchain to predictive and user-based analytics, to machine learning, to deep learning, to search, to BPM, and beyond in a myriad of industries at various small and large companies. Maya started her career in biotechnology where she was in R&D focusing on cardiovascular drugs, and she has five patents to her name.

Maya Natarajan
Senior Director, Knowledge Graphs

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Phil Meredith
CEO & Founder

Phil Meredith founded Process Tempo Inc. in 2016 with a vision to transform how organizations leverage data and analytics. Mr. Meredith’s vision targets the inefficiencies found in the data supply chain with the goal of lowering costs, increasing productivity and improving data-driven decision making. Prior to founding Process Tempo, Mr. Meredith worked in the enterprise analytics software space for over 28 years working for companies such as Microstrategy, Cognos, IBM, Datastax, Pentaho and several venture backed startups.

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