Utilizing the Microsoft Power BI Connector

April 4, 2019



We have now made it easy for Power BI users to access Process Tempo directly from the Power BI Desktop application. This approach offers several benefits:

  • No intermediate file download or movement of data

  • Power BI users benefit from Process Tempo's governed data which equates to less risk

  • Process Tempo serves up data in a simple to use environment which caters to self-service access

  • This approach offers a less complex alternative compared to connecting to complex data sources directly

  • Power BI users do not need to understand SQL or underlying database schemas


Getting Started


To get started, the first thing we need to do is download the ProcessTempo plugin and install it on the local machine. You can download this file from the Process Tempo website here.


(Note: Microsoft's instructions on how to install plugins can be found here)


First, place the downloaded file ProcessTempo.mez in the following directory on your local machine:

Documents/Power BI/ Custom Connectors


Note: If this folder does not exist, go ahead and create it first.


As of this writing, our connector is not yet certified by Microsoft. There is a setting in the security section of Power BI which allows you to accept these types of connections. When you open Power BI you should first see this warning:


To accept non-certified connections you need to access the Power Bi security settings found here:

File/Options and Settings/Options/Security


Change the flag to accept: "(Not Recommended) Allow any extension to load without warning".


Note: You may need to re-start Power BI for these settings to take effect.


With everything in place, we are ready to get started. Create a new report and select the "Get Data" button on the ribbon bar. From there, select "Other" and you will find the Process Tempo (Beta) Data Connector.




Power BI will then ask you to enter the URL for the Process Tempo server you wish to connect to. Once connected, it will then prompt you for your login credentials for that server.


The final step is to select the Process Tempo report that will be used as a data source. This means you need to first create a report in PT using the "New Report" option from the main toolbar.



In Summary


The Process Tempo Power BI plugin makes it easy for analysts to access the data they need without having to perform a download or similar ancillary step. In addition, our simplified approach means faster access to governed data with less complexity and less confusion.

















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