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Data Maturity Assessment
Data Maturity Assessment

The Data Maturity Assessment will help your organization plan for a modern data strategy, one that helps the organization become more agile and transparent.

Advanced Data Science
Advanced Data Science

Process Tempo can augment your existing data science practice by providing specialized services and experienced practitioners. Our mission is to help you to use data to drive your business forward.

IT Infrastructure Optimization
IT Infrastructure Optimization

Process Tempo provides a blend of real-world experience and state-of-the-art technology to help you craft a plan to modernize your infrastructure

We Help To Create Transparent Organizations

Our Focus:

Collaboration - We like it when everyone is on the same page
Data Excellence - We help you to unlock your data's full potential
Data Harmonization - Data is the glue that binds decisions. It must be in sync!
Governance - Not only with just data but with processes and technology
Crowd-Sourcing - We help to bring the company together to solve problems 
The Process Tempo Data Maturity Assessment

The Process Tempo Data Maturity Assessment will help you to understand the barriers that are preventing your organization from using data to help drive a leaner and more transparent business.

This assessment will:

  • Define and document the organization's data strategy

  • Identify gaps (technical, process, and organization gaps)

  • Identify bottlenecks (technical, process, and bureaucracy)

  • Define key metrics to help measure and evaluate progress

  • Map the moving parts between people, processes and technology

  • Define the "crawl, walk, run" implementation path

Having a data strategy with the ability to track metrics which reveal the success or failure of this strategy, is key to helping your organization make the most use of its data assets.

Advanced Data Science

Process Tempo offers professional services that can help augment your existing data science capabilities. Process Tempo service professionals are experienced at identifying potential new use cases for descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and advanced artificial intelligence.

Advanced Data Science capabilities include:

  • Graph database expertise

  • Graph analytics

  • Graph-based algorithms

  • Advanced path and network analysis

  • Anomaly detection (fraud detection)

  • Segmentation analysis

  • Classification analysis

  • Time-series analysis

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Process Tempo can help your organization transition from legacy bare metal platforms to a hybrid-cloud, server-less architecture. Our approach leverages existing data assets to help paint a picture of the effort and to find opportunities for cost savings.

Our IT Infrastructure Optimization approach includes:

  • Mapping of people, processes, technology and infrastructure

  • Cost modeling

  • Complexity scoring to help with migration planning

  • Centralized support and planning for cross-department teams

  • Task management

  • Development resources

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