Process Tempo:

A Data Strategy with Business Goals in Mind

Architected for Doers

Simple to use,

easy to get started.

Analytics for everyone!


  • Get started in minutes!

  • Organizes data for simplified access

  • Provides built-in powerful analysis features

  • Brings disparate datasets together to create composite views

  • Integrated graph-based search

  • Self-service means faster insight

  • Reusable content equates to less redundant efforts

  • Governance and control means your data is secure


  • A single, comprehensive, data platform easily accessible via the web or mobile

  • Minimal training required

  • Self-service reporting and data access

  • Next generation analytics built-in

  • Enhanced Google™-like search built-in

  • Cloud, on-premise, or SaaS deployments

  • Compliments Tableau™, Alteryx™ and others

Our Approach

Process Tempo provides a suite of modern decision support capabilities brought together in a single, easy to use platform. It is designed to provide non-technical users greater access to information and to empower them with a self-service approach that is both governed and secure.

Key Features:
Visual Modeling
Visual modeling helps to communicate how parts of the business interact and is a great way to describe process flows, capabilities, maps, etc. Visual Models help users to capture critical information that is easily shared and re-used.
Visual Analysis
The Process Tempo visual analysis features enable non-technical users to explore data in new and intuitive ways. No specialized skills or training is required and users can create their own data stories using only a web-browser.
Advanced Algorithms
Process Tempo leverages a specialized graph database behind the scenes. The structure of this database allows for unique analysis that offers a new and unique lens into the business. This capability augments rather than replaces existing analytics capabilities.
Self-service Reporting
Self-service reporting enables users to access critical information in a timely-manner without having to get IT or subject matter specialists involved. Enabling this level of access helps to create much more agile and transparent organizations.
Global Search
Process Tempo provides a powerful Knowledge Graph that allows users to easily search on any topic and then take this search in any direction. The Process Tempo Knowledge Graph is based on a concept created by Google

Reducing complexity saves time (and prevents migraines!)


To get started, users require an in-depth understanding of the data architecture

  • Hugely complex

  • Data access is limited to data engineers

  • Users must understand SQL or other query languages

  • Users need to understand table joins in order to prevent mistakes


Process Tempo guides the user helping them to find the data they need

  • User access the data they need using terms they understand

  • No code required

  • Intuitive design prevents mistakes

  • Accessible via web-browser or mobile device

  • Easy to get started

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