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Decision Intelligence

Leaders and their teams today need more than cold hard facts and figures. They need context, real-time intelligence, and capabilities that draw out the “why”, “what” and “how”. Most importantly, they need these capabilities packaged up in a way that allow all business stakeholders to take advantage.

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Data Integration and Automation

Accelerate data warehouse development with less engineering effort and greater flexibility

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Data-Driven Applications

Reduce the need for developing disconnected applications through OOTB forms and workflows

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Simple, Powerful Dashboards

React faster to changing conditions by reducing time to quality insight for all your stakeholders

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Advanced Graph Analytics

Create new opportunities for analysis and discovery while improving performance

Accelerate the delivery of your data & analytics

Process Tempo rapidly imports data from your multiple, disconnected systems to create a centralized, organized view of your information. With these connections established, your data refreshes as often as you need it to, so you're always up-to-date. Get up and running in no time - no rip and replace, no migration. Just your data where you need it, when you need it.

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Give your stakeholders the perspectives they need

Easily onboard and empower all your users with the insight and perspectives they need to drive their objectives forward. Enjoy a no-code, low-code approach to lessen technical debts and bulk-deliver insight easier. Centrally monitor the use of data from a single catalog interface to implement changes quickly.

Make faster, more confident decisions

As your data volume increases by the day, Process Tempo can help you keep pace. Quickly and accurately process business data and spot hidden trends, patterns, problems, and business drivers. Spend less time on the work that doesn't drive the business and instead focus on high-value activities.

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Anticipate and respond to the unexpected

In today's connected world, things can change in a heartbeat. Process Tempo helps you better anticipate change, optimize outcomes, and forecast results. Test scenarios before implementing plans to see the potential impact of your decisions. Leverage true agility when altering plans and respond to changes with ease.

Cut costs and increase velocity

With Process Tempo, you can combine data across all sources to automate planning and analytics processes and save time and labor. Put insights into action faster, understand where gaps exist and reallocate resources as needed.


Designed for Everyone

Most data platforms are designed exclusively for data specialists - not ours. Our platform is designed to be easy and simple to use so anyone can interact with data at an advanced level.

Targeted Domains

Enable teams with personalized data access. Provide them with dynamic environments for their individual projects and use cases. Enable strong collaboration and analysis capabilities for each and every project.


No-Code, Low-Code

Connect data, create reports, query, govern, set up, onboard, build dashboards, and more with minimal coding for technical users and none for non-technical users.


Advanced Search

Imagine a Google™ for your business. Advanced Search empowers your employees to search quickly and easily for the contextual data and information they need, fast. 

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Advanced Analysis

Advanced, out-of-the-box analytics solutions made easy. Easily generate instant insight and valuable information, and even extend to include third-party curated analytics efforts.


High-End Graph DB

Graph databases are the future of data. Our uniquely powerful graph database technology goes far beyond traditional DB capabilities, opening up countless possibilities.


Self-Service Analytics

Next-gen capabilities enable and encourage line-of-business professionals to perform queries and generate reports on their own, with nominal IT support.


Centralized Governance

Data Governance doesn't have to be difficult. Manage security, entitlement, and permissions with ease, all from a central administrative console. 


Cloud, Hybrid, On-Prem

Deploy us anywhere you need us, wherever your data sits. We'll help enhance functionality, flexibility, and scalability, all while reducing cost.

Platform Features

Admin Console
Artificial Intelligence
Alias Engine
Dashboard Builder

Data Catalog
Data Explorer
Homepage Designer
Impact Analysis

Import Modeler
Knowledge Graph
Machine Learning

Search & Discovery
Recommendation Engine
Visual Modeler 

Get started with Process Tempo

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