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  • Daria Chadwick

VELOCITY 2021 Scheduled for Feb. 18th, 2021


February 18th, 2021 at 10:30 AM ET.

If data is the new oil, data management platforms are the new refinery - and speed is critical now more than ever.

What is VELOCITY 2021?

VELOCITY 2021 is your inside look into how to deliver analytical insight faster. We'll guide you through how the application of modern technology, best practices, and an increased focus on collaboration is helping organizations improve data's time-to-value across the board.

  • Get an understanding of the key trends shaping the data and analytics space

  • Listen to industry experts discuss the current state of data and analytics along with their predictions for the new year

  • Understand the roadblocks to delivering fast, accurate analytics insight, and how to navigate them

  • Be the first to learn about the exciting new features found in Process Tempo Version 3.3, including the all-new Dashboard Builder and Data Explorer, that are markedly improving the speed of insight delivery

  • Learn more about our new Managed Analytics Service offering and why organizations are shifting to this approach in 2021 to manage growing complexity

Registrations will open shortly. More details & information to follow.


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