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  • Daria Chadwick

Process Tempo Launches Version 3.2, a Major Milestone in Self-Service Analytics

Version 3.2 Delivers Groundbreaking Platform Capabilities to Help Organizations Take Full Advantage of Data


Process Tempo has delivered a significant breakthrough to the data analytics industry with the launch of Process Tempo Version 3.2.

“I’ve been in the business for over 26 years and I have to say, I’m delighted to deliver this product,” says Phil Meredith, CEO of Process Tempo. “For too long the data industry has been battling with the issue of complexity. Our latest release cuts through that complexity by providing non-technical users with greater access to timely and contextual information. What we have accomplished is game-changing.”

What makes Process Tempo different is the unique platform-based approach in its design. “For the last few decades, the software industry has churned out data ‘tools’ which has created this concept of ‘tool fatigue’. Organizations are now in rationalization mode finding ways to reduce tool usage or remove them entirely. In this regard, we are a trailblazer. Version 3.2 clearly sets us apart,” says Meredith. “How can organizations scale their people resources when their information platforms require such specialized skills?”

Process Tempo Version 3.2 continues to build on the concept of self-service analytics by providing a simple to use, multi-tenant platform that allows both technologists and non-technologists alike to benefit from closer access to information. In this manner, Process Tempo helps organizations improve access to information helping them to make data-driven decisions in less time.

The latest updates version 3.2 include many key features and enhancements:

  • A cleaner, simpler user interface that provides users with a more streamlined and intuitive experience

  • A revamped Data Catalog that makes data easier to understand and reuse through the common use of Metadata

  • Updates to our Recommendation Engine include parameters and features that make. recommendations easier to deploy and consume

  • New Data Source connectors: Support for LDAP, Postgres, and Splunk have been added, making it easier to load data into Process Tempo from widely used data sources

  • Simplified Imports: the Import Modeler has been redesigned to make it easier to use and easier to design complex imports

  • New user roles: the platform now supports a single-instance user which hides much of the complexity for those users who will only access a single data domain

  • Analysis updates: Refinements have been made to the Path and Advanced Path Analysis features

  • Public/embeddable visual models allow a user to create a visual model and access this model in read-only mode from a 3rd party web application (here is an example)

As highlighted by Gartner, the top technology trends in data analytics for the coming years include categories such as Augmented Analytics, Decision Intelligence, and Augmented Data Management. Process Tempo Version 3.2 already checks many of these boxes and will continue to be a leader in this space.

For an inside look at the product, or learn how to implement contract tracing for your company using Process Tempo, visit our booking calendar to schedule a demonstration or contact us at

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