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Process Tempo Insights

  • Phil Meredith

Five Years of Process Tempo

Pop the champagne, we just turned five!🍾🥂🎉🎈🥳 Please join us in celebrating this exciting milestone!

We couldn’t have made it this far without our devoted employees and the support from our customers and partners. To all of you: A very big thank you!

Our success is evidence that we are onto something very special. Today’s business leaders are not looking for vendors, they are looking for partners. They are not looking for tools, they are looking for strategic capabilities. We walk into every engagement with a singular purpose and that is to help our customers succeed.

We continue to grow. Up next for us is the release of version 3.5, and with it a slew of new features and updates. Our focus remains on embedding intelligence throughout the organization by enabling next-generation analytics, self-service support and features that instantly scale an organization’s analytics capabilities.

Stay with us as we continue this path forward. It will take a village to help organizations modernize their digital infrastructure and we will continue to need your support, your devotion, your ideas and your friendship.

Thanks again!

Phil Meredith | CEO


Process Tempo in 2021 - Where Are We Now?

Transforming data into timely, actionable insight for decision-making purposes is still a common challenge and a challenge we continue to take aim at. As the world has gotten increasingly connected, and as the volume of data has grown exponentially, pulling insights from data has become even more difficult. It involves expertly dealing with the complexities of collecting, organizing, blending, analyzing, and reporting on critical data.

Through its ability to solve the challenges of modern data processing, Process Tempo has positioned itself at the forefront of current data and analytics offerings by provisioning a winning combination of two powerful components:

First, by delivering a state-of-the-art analytics platform - Process Tempo - which is an integrated, web/cloud-based data analytics application designed for simplicity and ease of use. Second, by providing a world-class Managed Analytics Service that focuses on generating real, impactful results around data-driven business objectives.

What does the combined solution provide?

The combined solution provides the unique capabilities needed to deliver a secure, governed, scalable, and high-performance data environment for organizations both now and in the future. The platform is packed with features to comfortably support and personalize each data initiative, including the speedy integration of available data sources and systems. It also supports more traditionally tricky processes, such as enabling true data democratization and delivering fast and accurate ad-hoc reporting.

Think of our Managed Analytics Service as an extension of your organization’s capabilities. We augment your team to help you achieve your goals faster. Our Agile approach provides your team with the right mix of skills and experiences allowing your organization to focus on what you do best.

The Power of the Graph

Process Tempo operates with powerful graph technology at the core of its platform. By utilizing the Process Tempo graph as its native data repository, any organization can easily capitalize on advanced, out-of-the-box Graph analytics and accompanying built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. These algorithms and the recommendations they generate can be expertly and efficiently designed to support any given use case, persona, or project and develop clear pathways to pursue relevant goals.

A view of the Process Tempo Data Explorer
The Power of Graph

Augment vs. Replace - A Results-Based Approach

Designed for fast and straightforward implementation into any existing data infrastructure, Process Tempo begins augmenting existing data efforts with near-immediate effect, providing a level of transparency into data environments far above industry standards. This transparency enables the precise creation of complete, up-to-date profiles of target areas that can be capitalized on within an impressive timeframe.

Empowering Users

The Process Tempo platform is designed to empower users of all types, both business-facing and technical, regardless of skill set or data literacy level. The platform is uniquely suited for self-service access and discovery and delivers interactive and intuitive information for users that they can filter and query - without code - to suit their individual requirements. With Process Tempo providing constant, comprehensive views of metrics, goals, and objectives for all users, organizations can move forward with confidence that their decision-making is constantly informed from the ground up.

An Outside of the Box Approach

Given the natural flexibility and agility of the Process Tempo solution, it holds a near-limitless capacity to handle a wide range of use cases. This capacity places Process Tempo in unique standing to go beyond traditional data problems and dive in-depth into some of the most difficult and complicated data use cases that may otherwise go untouched. You can read about some of our use cases here.

What's next?

As organizations grow in complexity there will continue to be a need for what we do. Clarity, planning, progress are our three guiding principals which we use to drive the products and services we deliver. If we can help our customers see better, plan better and progress faster, there will be no doubting our strategic value.

We would love the opportunity to build a partnership with you and help transform your organization so that it is better suited to deliver on its goals. Let’s take this journey together.

Schedule an introduction to learn more. We would love to speak with you:

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