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Process Tempo Insights

  • Daria Chadwick

GraphSummit: Building Graph Applications with Neo4j

Last week, Process Tempo presented "Building Graph Applications with Neo4j" at Neo4j's GraphSummit events in Chicago and Minneapolis. Here's some of the highlights:

What is Process Tempo?

Process Tempo is a unified data & analytics platform built on top of Neo4j that houses a suite of next-gen features, including:

  • Self-service dashboards

  • Embedded workflows & automation

  • Data cataloging

  • Data engineering

  • Data governance

  • Data warehousing

As a whole, the platform lends itself very well to complex and specific reporting needs, and helps expand the power of the graph throughout the organization.

What are the benefits?

Increased Adoption

Expand the power of graph technology to both technical & non-technical audiences

Faster Time-To-Benefit

Reduce the time & effort required to implement data-driven graph applications

New Opportunities

Revenue generation, risk reduction, cost-saving

Lower Costs

Less cost and overhead required to deploy new capabilities

Greater Data Transparency & Reuse

Of critical data assets

Simpler Architecture

Less moving parts = less maintenance and upkeep

Client Spotlight:

A top Automotive Manufacturer leverages Process Tempo across a number of use cases, including cloud migration, spreadsheet replacement, digital twins, cybersecurity analytics, internal chargeback and cost-saving efforts.

How do you build a Digital Twin?

  1. Pull disparate data sets together into a common data model

  2. Integrate and automate

  3. Validate, explore, and fix bad data

  4. Share & collaborate

Use Case Opportunities

Want to get started with Process Tempo?


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