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Process Tempo Insights

  • Phil Meredith

Introducing Tableau™ Support

Process Tempo now supports Tableau™

We are very excited to introduce our latest support for the Tableau Web Connector. With this connector, Tableau users can access data directly from Process Tempo without having to first generate and download a .CSV file. This new approach is easier and more secure.

When compared to traditional SQL databases, Process Tempo allows a user to access data using a simple, graphical interface. Users do not need to understand database schemas, understand SQL code, or know how to create table joins.

By making data simpler to access, and by offering direct connectivity via Tableau, Process Tempo makes it easier for a wider group of users to access the information they need on demand. This equates to faster time-to-insight and improved employee productivity.

How does it work?

In Tableau, the user selects the Web Connector as the data source. They are then prompted for the URL for Process Tempo (example: The user is authenticated and then prompted to select the Process Tempo report view which will be used as the data source for their analysis.

The report view is built by simply dragging and dropping data categories together to form a query pattern. This effort does not require extensive training because the data categories are given human-readable labels. Behind the scenes, Process Tempo handles the complex joins that make the query work and protects the user from making a mistake. In this manner, a non-technical user can get access to the data they need in a self-service fashion.

The traditional approach often requires the user to understand the underlying database schemas and the code used to generate the data. If a user wanted a list of "Products" they would have to first know which tables or views contained this information. This metadata is already available in Process Tempo and governed by the use of Process Tempo Catalogs which are defined when the data is first imported.

The end result is a much easier process requiring less subject matter expertise compared to traditional approaches.

Traditional approach

Data Security

When accessing data via the Tableau Web Connector, users must first authenticate themselves with the Process Tempo service. Process Tempo then verifies which domains the user can access and then presents to the user the list of available report views found in these domains. In this manner, users can only access the data they have been previously granted access to.


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