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Process Tempo Insights

  • Phil Meredith

Coming Soon: The Release of Process Tempo 0.7!

We are hard at work developing our latest release and just wanted to give you a quick update.

Version 0.7 offers a tremendous increase in functionality over our previous release without changing or sacrificing our pledge to provide the best graphical, knowledge management system available. Stay tuned as we hope to have this release available in early 2017.

In 0.7 you will find:

  • A cleaner interface that renders much faster. We have upgraded the backend rendering system so that your models appear much faster.

  • A cleaner folder structure. We removed some of the icons and editing, creating, deleting folders is much more intuitive.

  • We have added additional real-estate for modeling. We have consolidated all user interactions (such as the folders, the legend, etc.) to the left hand side of the screen freeing up space so that more of the model can be seen.

  • Enhanced Data Model - We have poured a ton of energy into tweaking our default business catalog. We have also begun development of several new and exciting models (stay tuned!).

  • Tuned for growth. We have altered our underlying framework so that future development efforts will take much less time. We will be poised for explosive growth in 2017 and our users will benefit greatly

We expect great things with rev 0.7 and we expect you to do great things with it. As always: Happy Modeling!

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