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Process Tempo Insights

  • Phil Meredith

Make Crowd-Sourced Data Collection a Reality

Problem: Your business collects rich business information each and every day but this data is locked away in spreadsheets, documents and in disconnected applications. Storing vital information in this way hampers your employee's abilities to find answers to even the most basic questions. With critical information so hard to find decision making becomes more and more difficult. Something needs to change!

To make matters worse, there are times when the information you need is owned by another business unit. Since groveling is not your strong point, you dream of a way in which business data can be collected in some form of open fashion and without having to ask too much of your peers.

This is where Process Tempo™ can help. We enable crowd-sourced data collection by making this process open and simple. We provide a cloud-based, visual modeling solution that requires minimal training to use and offers little barrier to get started. We then store this content in a database allowing you to search for it making access to information incredibly simple. It cannot get much easier.

We recognize that cooperation is very much different than collaboration. Collaboration is when two or more people get together to work on a common task. Cooperation needs to be granted by the other party before collaboration can begin. This is normally the toughest nut to crack. Asking for and being granted cooperation in a complex, deadline driven economy can sometimes be very challenging.

When the effort to collaborate is deemed too great the desire to cooperate fades quickly. Process Tempo™ was designed to make it easier for individuals and groups to cooperate and collaborate. With Process Tempo™ users have a very simple drag and drop approach to collecting data. The alternative, is time-consuming documentation which frankly got us here in the first place. An alternative strategy that promotes cooperation AND enables collaboration is required. It is why we built Process Tempo™.

If your organization has an over-reliance on file-based methods of collecting and sharing information you are missing a great opportunity to make your business more productive. It is also likely that the data you have collected in this manner cannot be reused for your next engagement. It is time to take a close look at Process Tempo™ and the crowd-sourced data collection capability we support.


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