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Process Tempo Insights

  • Phil Meredith

Critical Analysis Using Relationships

Process Tempo helps users spot things that make sense as well as things that do not. What always makes sense? Peanut butter and jelly. Combine that with some fresh bread and a nice glass of milk and ahhh... Wait, there is more to this story.

In the business world trying to figure out how something works is not an easy task. The typical analyst

spends the bulk of their day manually reviewing documents, slides, spreadsheets, workflow diagrams, you name it, looking for little gems of information. It is why upwards of 80% of their time is spent on fact-finding.

With Process Tempo life gets a great deal easier. Analysts now have one platform to search, one data model to assist with that search, and of course a great way to collect data for this search. They also have a neat way to find information and that is by traversing relationships. Its like following the cookie crumbs to find out how two different topics may connect with each other. This is a lot easier than sifting through a jumbled mess of spreadsheets and documents of questionable value.

So I present a number of overly simplified scenarios that analysts are often faced with when trying to understand a given business function. Scenarios, that if they had a means to analyze relationships would save them a great deal of time. For our exercise today we will be trying to understand how to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich using visuals created by Process Tempo.

First, a simple picture that should get your head nodding. So far, so good. One would think that this is useless information but knowing how something works is half the battle in a complex business climate.

Process Tempo can also help you spot things that are disconnected. It looks like something is not right:

Process Tempo can definitely help spot glaring issues:

In this next example we find a circular pattern. This makes no sense when making a PB&J. Now swap out these concepts for project dependencies. Let's say Peanut Butter is one project and Jelly represents another. All of a sudden you have project conflict! You had better take a closer look at this. Thank you Process Tempo for shining the light on this scenario!

Here is more strange stuff that can be spotted and fixed very easily in Process Tempo. If this data was stored in different files how would you even discover something like this?

Finally the one visual that makes the mose sense. Here we are describing the importance of both Peanut Butter and Jelly. A traversal would show that they both are ultimately purchased by the Customer. This is key if you ever decide to muddle with the PB&J recipe!

These simple scenarios represent patterns that analysts uncover each in every day but not without a great deal of effort. Process Tempo helps analysts perform similar analysis using relationship traversals in a fraction of the time. Speaking of time, is it lunch yet?


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