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Equip change agents with adaptable data solutions and deploy actionable insight at scale

The #1 platform for data-driven companies just got even more connected. More customizable. More user-centric. Learn more about the latest updates and features from our newest release of Process Tempo 3.7.


What's new

On May 24, 2022, Process Tempo's product leaders took to the virtual stage to share the latest features and updates to the Process Tempo platform through our Actionable Analytics webinar.

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What's new

Watched our webinar and liked what you saw? Get started today!

Rethink Self-Service

With Process Tempo 3.7, you can now deliver powerful, flexible, self-service analytics capabilities at scale. Enable actionable insights for everyone, and streamline data and analytics access throughout your organization with ease.

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Built for simplicity

All-new self-service capabilities from Process Tempo takes Business and Decision Intelligence to a whole new level. Drag and drop, select your values, and auto-populate data from your existing reports directly within the platform. Ensure only the highest quality data is represented and presented when & where it matters most. 

Built for action

Provide business users with a controlled freedom to produce actionable insight and take decisive action on their findings. Reduce dependencies on others to generate insight and remove the bottlenecks slowing your organization down. Allow users to build their data stories and update them as the stories develop and change.

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Typical self-service done wrong:

   Not backed by centralized management

   No unified data models

   No unified definitions and measures

   Dependency on advanced skills

   Complex + difficult to navigate

   “Defensive” data approach

   Poor time-to-value ratio

PT Self-Service done right:

✅   Centralized management

   Unified data models

   Unified definitions and measures

   Reduced dependency on others

   Easy + simple to navigate

   “Offensive” data approach

   Excellent time-to-value ratio

Composable Data & Analytics

It's not enough to align your data & analytics to value streams. Rather, your data & analytics capabilities should be infuse into your value streams directly. Leverage composable data & analytics with ease through Process Tempo.

2 Entering + Inviting Others to a Workspace.gif

Enjoy modular, purpose-built analytics experiences

Process Tempo Workspaces allow users to combine relevant project content such as dashboards, reports, and other Process Tempo artifacts, into a Google-drive esq, single working environment. Add links to external resources such as FAQs, notes, and support documentation, so that your teams can stay armed with the latest, most consistent version of information around your data projects.

Provide the context that's missing

Gone are the days of visualizing data and asking: "Who built this dashboard? When was it last updated? Where does the data came from? How accurate is this data?" These are just some of the common questions Workspaces help answer. Save changes to content and have them reflected in every Workspace that content has been shared to. Distribute to wider audiences in public views, or keep things private in personalized folders.

1 Switching Between Workspaces.gif

Reduce Inefficiencies & Adapt to Change

Leading organizations encourage and empower their employees to resolve operational inefficiencies and quickly adapt to change. How empowered are your employees to take action?

Form Builder Gif.gif

Enable continuous improvement with the all-new Form Builder

If your business-facing data functions don't possess Read AND Write capabilities, they're missing the mark by a mile. The agile, effective data work that drives businesses forward requires editing, updating, and setting new requirements as soon as the need is recognized. With Process Tempo's Ford Builder, you can respond as fast as change happens. Add comments, change a status, even add new records with ease.

What's next

Check out what's next in store for the Process Tempo.

Get a sneak peak at our upcoming planned features and newest changes to the platform

Business Meeting

Join us at the Annual GraphConnect Conference in Austin, Texas on June 6th-8th!


Check out our most recent use case, centered around securing and managing critical APIs

Image by Dan Nelson
What's next

It's time to maximize the value of your data

With a data platform that's more connected, customizable, and user-centric than ever, now is the perfect time to grow with Process Tempo.

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