Use Case Spotlight:
Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures

Use Process Tempo to capture and analyze the information you need to make smarter decisions

Process Tempo provides the data and analysis capabilities that enable a smart acquisition strategy

The Process Tempo Platform Provides:

Pre-Merger Analysis:

Data Collection

Data Room Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Impact Analysis

Contract Analysis

Legal Analysis

Asset Inventory

Asset Mapping


Secure, Controlled Access

Post-Merger Building Blocks:

Infrastructure Reconciliation

Process Mapping

Asset Analysis

Process Reconciliation

Data Reconciliation

Contract Renegotiation

Project Planning


Migration Planning

Search & Discovery


Smarter Due Diligence = Smarter decisions

Faster decisions = Greater business agility

Data analysis = Operational transparency

Cost-Savings via Contract Renegotiation

Cost-savings via Reconciliation Efforts 

How does it work?

Process Tempo aggregates data from traditionally disconnected systems.

Examples include:

  • Financial data from multiple General Ledgers

  • Product data from multiple ERP systems

  • Infrastructure data from Service Desk and DevOps

  • Employee data from multiple HR systems

This aggregated data produces composite views of the business which can help to spot areas of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

"Process Tempo helped us to understand the critical parts of the business we had to assimilate first."

Introducing a simple strategy to collect, search, and analyze critical business information - all in one place!

A Unique Approach

Create composite views of data collected from employee knowledge, surveys, and business data to give you powerful new perspectives

A Focus on Context

Analyze collected data for bottlenecks, inefficiencies, weak points and strengths. Use this to drive smarter decisions

A One-Stop-Shop

Process Tempo is a smarter alternative to collecting data in separate files and spreadsheets

A Platform for Reuse

Uncover business truths and contradictions using a coordinated approach that each project can benefit from

How Process Tempo Can Benefit Your M&A Project:

Increase the Odds of Project Success
Working and collaborating together using the same set of data will improve visibility, understanding and increase the odds of your project suceeding.
Map Your Business for Smarter Decisions
Create a picture of how the functional aspects of the business interact. With this picture you will have a better handle on the impact of your decisions.
Take Advantage of Modern Technology
Leverage the power of mobile and web to broaden to improve access to critical information and broaden the impact of your decisions.
Maintain an Inventory of Critical Business Assets
Having an idea of the moving parts of the organization in a reusable framework means future efforts will be much easier!
Replace Error-Prone Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets come with them several inherent risks. First and foremost is the challenge of perpetuated flaws. It is time we fix reoccurring problems.
Take Advantage of Advanced Analytics
Advanced analytics will provide your team with greater insight and allow you to discover opportunities as well as threats.


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