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Using Process Tempo for Pre-Merger Analysis

The larger the decision, the more important data becomes. Process Tempo helps business leaders leverage data for decision-making by condensing information from multiple sources into a single, cohesive view.

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Data Collection
Process Tempo provides for a central platform to house data that is tagged and labeled consistently which makes it easier to use and access
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SWOT Analysis
Process Tempo can aggregate information on the different facets of the business to show areas of strength, weakness, opportunity, or threat
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Impact Analysis
With a focus on connections, Process Tempo helps organizations understand the impact of change.
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Auditing an organization's structure and its ability to execute can be very difficult requiring hours of effort by SMEs. This comes at a huge cost. Process Tempo can help lower these costs
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Reporting & Analysis
It is likely that the data you draw upon is amassed in dozens of different files. What if you could condense this data into a single platform? What if you could then ask questions of it?
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Asset Inventory
Assets can include physical as well as non-physical assets. This information can sit in multiple different systems and documents. Process Tempo can help bring this information together.

Using Process Tempo for Post-Merger Planning

The cost and complexity of modern acquisitions demands greater overview and insight. Provide it.

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People Planning
M&A and Divesture can have a big impact on the organizational structure of the business. Process Tempo can help paint a picture to enable better people planning.
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Project Planning
Process Tempo includes a visual modeler that allows that helps project planners connect the critical part of the merger/divestiture plan.
Signing a Contract
Contract Negotiation
The new, larger organization should be in a better position to negotiate vendor contracts. Process Tempo can help collect and analyze this information.
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Data discovery is key for post-merger activity. Process Tempo can help map which systems produce which data and how this information is consumed.
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Systems Consolidation
Systems and technology consolidation can be a quick, cost-saving exercise that can be tackled with greater insight with Process Tempo.
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Process Mapping
Process Tempo can help the business capture the interconnections between the people, process and technology that make up the "new" business.

How Process Tempo Can Benefit Your M&A Project:

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Increase the Odds of Project Success
Working and collaborating together using the same set of data will improve visibility, understanding and increase the odds of your project suceeding.
Maintain an Inventory of Critical Business Assets
Having an idea of the moving parts of the organization in a reusable framework means future efforts will be much easier!
Map Your Business for Smarter Decisions
Create a picture of how the functional aspects of the business interact. With this picture you will have a better handle on the impact of your decisions.
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Replace Error-Prone Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets come with them several inherent risks. First and foremost is the challenge of perpetuated flaws. It is time we fix reoccurring problems.
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Take Advantage of Modern Technology
Leverage the power of mobile and web to broaden to improve access to critical information and broaden the impact of your decisions.
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Take Advantage of Advanced Analytics
Advanced analytics will provide your team with greater insight and allow you to discover opportunities as well as threats.