Managed Analytics from Process Tempo

Leverage the combined power of the Process Tempo Platform and our industry experts to deliver unparalleled support into your most complex data environments and projects.


What is Managed Analytics?

Managed Analytics from Process Tempo is a bundled, multiple business-intelligence-related service that includes services for data warehouses, data modeling, visualizations, reporting, predictive analytics, and more.

Lower costs while driving value

Tap into graph capabilities and business intelligence easily, instantly, and at a lower cost of ownership than doing it in-house

Accelerate self-service access

Get the help you need to bring your people and data closer together and in removing bottlenecks to realize data's path-to-value faster

Balance the needs of your end-users

Ensure that your organization's data is governed and controlled, yet still flexible and accessible to your end users when and how they need it

Align data initiatives with strategy

Improve the quality and accessibility of trusted data and enable business and technical partners to work more in sync with one another toward their goals

Empower your stakeholders

We take over the work so your teams can focus on delivering better customer experiences,  unencumbered with manual effort

Leverage true scalability

Scale team support, data storage and more. Take what you need, when you need it as your objectives grow and change

Manage growing data complexity

Transition from siloed, disconnected, complicated data environments to a central simplified view

Manage growing data volume

Comfortably organize and store your most important data as it grows

Reporting & Dashboarding

Need specific perspectives? We'll help build them with state-of-the-art dashboards and reporting

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Why more enterprises should consider outsourcing analytics

Top line growth, bottom line savings
"With an increasing number of enterprise systems, growing teams, and in pursuit of digital transformation, companies of all sizes are creating immense amounts of data every day. This data contains excellent business insights and valuable opportunities, but it has become impossible for companies to derive actionable insights from this data consistently due to its sheer volume and complexity.

According to Verified Market Research,
the analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) market is expected to grow to $101.29 billion by 2026. Organizations that have not started on their analytics journey or are spending scarce data engineer resources to resolve issues with analytics implementations are not identifying actionable data insights.

Through AaaS, managed services providers (MSPs) can help organizations get started on their analytics journey immediately without extravagant capital investment. 

MSPs can take ownership of the company’s immediate data analytics needs, resolve ongoing challenges and integrate new data sources to manage dashboard visualizations, reporting, and predictive modeling — enabling companies to make data-driven decisions every day."

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