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Enabling Life Sciences with data-driven insights

A foundation for shared understanding and insight

Designed to bridge the gap between IT and the scientific community, providing a foundation for shared understanding

How Life Sciences companies leverage Process Tempo:

Drug Discovery Analytics

Preclinical research can be optimized with a sound data strategy and the right application of technology. Process Tempo can help expedite drug discovery by providing a low cost, simple to use data warehouse that works across various teams and departments

Simplified data archived and reporting

Process Tempo provides the perfect solution to allow contextual access to archived data long after the source systems have been shut down. IT infrastructure consolidation can now be achieved at a much more rapid pace and with less risk

Mergers and Acquisitions

Life sciences organizations will continue to evolve via mergers, acquisitions or divestitures. This constant change creates added complexity as systems, processes and technologies become tangled in a web of overlapping capabilities. Process Tempo can help organizations consolidate these systems and processes.

Benefits for Life Sciences Companies:

Connected Data

Connected data helps users explore how concepts are interrelated. This can be a critical tool for researchers.

Ease of use

Process Tempo is designed for the non-technical user to quickly find the information they need. All that is needed is a web-browser

Portal Consolidation

Have way too many Sharepoint portals or other DMS systems? We can help consolidate this data!

Advanced Analytics

Process Tempo provides state-of-the-art analytics that can offer a unique lens into the business

Self-service Reporting

Non-technical users can safely access the data they need, when they need it, without IT involvement

Centralized Access

Process Tempo provides a single, controlled platform which makes finding information much easier!

How does it work?

How does it work?

Process Tempo works by combining data from multiple, disconnected systems into a single platform to help business users find the data they need quickly and easily. We offer built-in, advanced reporting and analysis features that are easy to use to empower the citizen data-scientist
Goal: Improve employee productivity, simplify infrastructure, lower costs
Sources of life science related data:​
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