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The System-of-Record for Data Protection Officers

Gain control and insight into the use of customer data

Enables Transparency

Process Tempo enables Data Protection Officers to overcome business complexity by capturing how people, processes, data and policies interact. With Process Tempo, users can map the customer data journey from start to finish.

A Single Platform

Process Tempo is a single system-of-record and a central platform for data protection analysis. The alternative is a myriad of documents, diagrams and spreadsheets cobbled together on file servers. GDPR requires an investment in innovation.

Connect Policy to Data

Data Protection Officers must translate legal obligations into actionable insight. To achieve this, they need to draw connections between business policies and the use of customer data. This is core to what Process Tempo offers.

GDPR Requires an Investment in Knowledge Curation

Process Tempo and GDPR Specifics

What we offer:

A pre-built data catalog specifically designed to capture the critical elements of GDPR and allow you to map these to your business processes

A structured approach that provides consistency without sacrificing flexibility. A perfect solution for complex organizations

A truly global and cross-department perspective of operations because data often crosses physical and political boundaries

Our pre-built metamodel offers both structure and flexibility when defining key aspects of the GDPR and its impact on your business

Specific data, datasets or databases can be tracked as containing personal data, health data, biometric data, genetic data

Business processes can be identified as cross-border processes or categorized as those that process data, perform profiling or implement pseudonymization

Data Controllers, Data Processors, or Supervisory Controllers are properties easily assigned to organizations

Processes and events can be tied to data breach policies demonstrating to auditors how the business is compliant

Data Controllers can be attached to roles, business partners (organizations) or individual people

End user consent is tracked via Consent References and tied to  Binding Corporate Rules to maintain compliance

The Process Tempo GDPR Modeling Solution:

Folder structure designed for cataloging processes, maps and lineage models specific for GDPR

Knowledge Models capture all of the relationships between GDPR Requirements and your specific business processes

The content is reusable, searchable and Process Tempo provides built-in reporting and analysis capabilities

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