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See your customers in a whole new light

Customer Analytics is the ability to derive powerful insight from the relationships that exist between your customers and the people, processes, and products that interface with them

How Sales Professionals Use Process Tempo

Sales organizations are leveraging the advanced analysis features built into Process Tempo to help influence sales engagements. Process Tempo's unique focus on "connected data" provides a new lens into this data and greater understanding of customers and their buying habits.

Organizations seek to increase the value of their CRM investment by making the data these systems capture accessible to the broader user community. Process Tempo provides a simpler experience without the learning curve. This equates to greater use and greater data consumption.

Field sales personnel access vital information in real-time using Process Tempo's mobile and browser-based interfaces. Armed with this data, field sales reps and engineers can make smarter, customer-driven decisions with less delay.

Customer Analytics Opportunties:

Increase Revenue

by uncovering patterns that exist within your data that will help drive new sales opportunities

Increase Quota Attainment

by empowering your sales and marketing teams with direct access to granular customer data

Increase Customer Acquisition

by targeting customers that match the profile of high-profit, repeat customers

Grow Lifetime Value

by utilizing state-of-the-art analytics that capture recency, frequency and profitability of your customers

Optimize Marketing Strategies

by tailoring efforts and designing personalized messages based on the habits of high value customers

Improve Customer Loyalty

by capturing, identifying, and analyzing patterns that indicate customer churn

*The average customer loss rate due to poor customer service



*Percent of customers who will pay more for better customer service

*Source: RightNow

How does it work?

Process Tempo works by combining data from multiple, disconnected systems to help your business create a composite view of the customer. We then combine advanced reporting and analysis features to to help you use this data to help your organization achieve it's revenue goals.

Goal: Increase Revenue, reduce attrition, empower your team

Sources of customer data:
  • CRM System
  • Helpdesk/Support Systems
  • Website Traffic Data
  • Marketing Systems
  • Internal messaging tools
  • Ordering systems
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Data Warehouse
  • Operational Data Stores
  • 3rd Party Content
Customer analysis can be performed on data that is readily available. A simple data extract from your CRM system is often enough to create tremendous insight.
Support for Multiple Datasets
In addition, the power of Process Tempo grows exponentially the more data it can analyze. Why not combine this data with other customer related datasets for a complete 360-view?
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