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The Ultimate Guide
to Analytics as a Service

For Executives & IT Leaders

Businesses are prioritizing data-driven decision-making as a means to keep pace with their competitors and the market. While a difficult enough challenge, factors like the pandemic, increased global competitiveness, and the collective focus on digital transformation have all accelerated the demand for higher quality insight.


Because insight has analytics at its core, data and analytics teams are now facing immense pressure to operate above and beyond. Unfortunately, these teams are facing a number of problems that are actively hindering their progress, and executives across the board should be stepping in to help solve them.


Many leaders are turning toward Analytics as a Service. This ebook serves as a guide to data-driven leaders about the practice, the trends and challenges to reconcile in the coming year, and the actions to take in response.

Leaders include: 

  • Chief Executive Officers

  • CTOs, CDOs, CIOs, and CROs

  • Heads of IT

  • Data and Analytics Leaders

  • Enterprise Architecture Leaders

  • Application Leaders

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