Now is the time for insight and innovation

Our analytics platform is designed to help organizations make the most of their data

Get everything you need and more from a single  analytics platform.

What is Process Tempo?

A cloud-ready data warehouse
Lower costs, increase scale
Process Tempo is a modern data warehouse platform built on a cloud-ready architecture. It includes all of the tools necessary to get your project off the ground
A self-service data platform
Increase end user adoption
Process Tempo includes a web-based user interface that caters to non-technical users. It enables easier access to data in a controlled environment with minimal learning curve
Advanced analytics capabilities
Support smart decisions
Process Tempo provides a suite of advanced analysis capabilities that can help your team make faster, more informed decisions

Our platform helps organizations use data to create the insight they need to operate with greater transparency  and greater agility

The Full Stack

Why? Consolidating capabilities into a single platform will lower costs and increases productivity and teamwork

We deliver data-centric solutions with:

  - Less Cost

  - Less  Effort

  - Faster Results

How we can help your analytics team:

Bring disconnected data together

Import data from multiple, disconnected datasets into a single, central data platform without writing a single line of code. Host this data in the cloud or on-premise.

Result: Greater Insight

Make it easy for your team to access the information they need

Process Tempo converts your data into a searchable Knowledge Graph that allows users to easily find, explore, and analyze information in a safe and controlled manner.

Result: Greater Adoption

Go after new and interesting use cases

Process Tempo exposes the relationships that exist in your data and provides valuable and unique insights which most analysis tools completely ignore.

Result: Improved Results

Empowers business users to do more

Allow users to visually model how the world works using a mouse and a web-browser. This fosters communication and collaboration.

Result: Greater Reuse

Improve Data Governance

Data is a vital asset that requires careful management and monitoring. Centrally monitor the use of your data from a single console interface.

Result: Less Error

Deploy Quickly

Manage this information from a central administrative console. Onboard and off-board users with a click of a mouse.

Result: Greater Productivity

Additional Benefits:

Understand the impact


Process Tempo captures data and not just pretty pictures. Unlike other modeling solutions, our models make the business more transparent by allowing for in-depth analysis.

Reuse your work


Process Tempo applies a modern and intuitive approach to visual diagramming that enables greater reuse. We help analysts and researchers to be much more productive.

Minimal Training Required

Process Tempo is designed to be simple to use. This simplicity equates to greater cross-department cooperation, faster implementations and greater chances of project success.

Improve Collaboration


Process Tempo allows businesses to "crowdsource" efforts. Why recreate the wheel when someone else has already done the work? No more isolated, disconnected efforts.

Capture Tribal Knowledge


Process Tempo provides a single repository for capturing data about the business.  It becomes the business glossary for the organization and the place to go for new employees.

Analyze your business

Process Tempo allows users to ask questions of their business. Why do we do it this way? What is impacted by this change? Can you ask questions of your data?

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