Enabling Intelligent Enterprises through True Scalability

Introducing the only hybrid cloud, data management & analytics platform designed to scale for more than just data.

One of the biggest problems that "data-driven" organizations are currently facing is a problem of their own design: they're investing in scaling for data but are failing to account for how that data interrelates with other core components that drive the organization.


The True Scalability approach takes action based on how areas of the organization uniquely interrelate with one another. Our platform was designed to address the full needs of the business - addressing people, process, and technology - vs. addressing just one area.


This approach helps deliver three targeted outcomes:

The ability to collect and connect data that was previously siloed to recognize patterns

The ability to simulate potential options and direct scarce resources to the areas of maximum impact

The ability to respond faster to changes in the marketplace or the business and pivot business processes towards the right outcomes

Built for People

Most data platforms are designed for data specialists - not ours. Our platform is designed to be easy and simple to use so anyone can interact with data at an advanced level.

Imagine a Google™ for your business. Advanced Search empowers employees to search quickly and easily for the contextual data and information they need, fast. 

Next-gen capabilities enable and encourage line-of-business professionals to perform queries and generate reports on their own, with nominal IT support.

Built for Process

Enable teams with personalized data access, collaboration, and analysis for unique projects

Manage security and entitlement from a central administrative console

Out-of-the-box analytics solutions to create instant insights that can be extended to include 3rd party curated analytics.

Built for Technology

For connecting data, for reporting, dashboard building, querying, governance, setup, onboarding, and more. Minimal coding for technical users. None for non-technical users.

Graph databases are the future of data. Our uniquely powerful graph database technology goes beyond traditional databases

Enhance functionality, flexibility, and scalability, all while reducing cost.

The Platform

Process Tempo is a hybrid cloud, data management & analytics platform that breaks down silos to allow people, processes, and technologies to seamlessly work together. The platform supports a secure, governed, scalable, and high-performance environment for analysts and data scientists while serving as the foundation to deliver insights to all employees. It helps to deliver markedly fast, actionable, and accurate insights, easily incorporates a semantic data layer to curate and recommend information from across the organization, and makes every employee a first-class citizen in contributing insights and feedback to make the organization smarter over time.


  • Unlike other data platforms, the Process Tempo Platform includes features to support the entire data lifecycle, from creation to storage to usage to archiving, and continually optimizes the data lifecycle to improve performance

  • Offers seamless implementation into existing organizational data infrastructures with zero replacements or disruptions required, and begins augmenting existing capabilities with near immediate effect


  • Opts for a record-based licensing model vs. the traditional CPU-usage based model to help reduce costs to the client:

    • Ability to scale up or down to meet client needs

    • No compounding usage costs

    • Navigates around other vendor licensing restrictions, opening up information sharing to more users without accruing additional licensing fees

  • Built on state-of-the-art graph database technology, leveraging unique A.I. and M.L capabilities to enrich raw data, make recommendations, and improve analytical performance

  • Offers self-service analytical capabilities designed to better enable data democratization across the organization

  • Accommodates all user types, offering varying levels and accompanying analytical capabilities that best match individual user skillset and technical ability, including entirely non-technical users

  • Provides unmatched flexibility and ability to align data’s path-to-value with business objectives

Import Modeler and Data Explorer

Bring Disconnected Data Together

Import data from multiple, disconnected datasets into a single, central data platform. Host this data in the cloud or on-premise.

  • Reduced decision cycle time through providing relevant and accurate information just in time for decisions to be made;


  • Enhanced workforce effectiveness and productivity thanks to the possibility of performing more in-depth and fast data analysis;


  • Improved communication and collaboration among decision makers, as they are all provided with equal access to the same data;


  • Easy sharing and reporting of this operational data;


  • Facilitated learning and the development of a better understanding of the business environment and overall operations;


  • Increased organizational control as transaction data becomes readily available for performance monitoring and ad hoc querying to help stay up to date with business operations

Global Knowledge Graph & Search Engine

Easier Access to Information

A searchable, easy-to-use feature that mimics the natural, intuitive search process, like a Google™ for your business. 

Network Analysis

Deploy Artificial Intelligence

Expose the relationships that exist in your data. Couple with unique analytics to create new ways to generate.

Visual Modeler

Empower Business Users

Allow users to visually model how the world works using a mouse and a web-browser. This fosters communication and collaboration.

Catalog Editor

Improve Data Governance

Data is a vital asset that requires careful management and monitoring. Centrally monitor the use of your data from a single catalog interface.

Admin Console

Maintain Control

Manage security and entitlement from a central administrative console, onboard and off-board users with ease, and get projects off ground faster.

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