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Data Engineers

With increased data volumes flowing in from all different sources and directions, data engineers need all the help they can get to make sense and structure of it all.

It's likely that either you (as a data engineer) or your data engineering teams are dealing with common issues as the result of how data is used within the modern enterprise. Read more about the main challenges this role faces and about how Process Tempo can help solve those challenges with ease.

  • Too Much Data, And It's Growing

  • Poorly Defined or Inaccurate Data

Problem: Too Much Data And It's Growing


PT can help solve this issue immediately on import. Once the data source is imported, a category is created and the import model facilitates the load into the db along with relationships to other datasets. This also immediately creates a record for any data dependencies and data lineage. Trying to manage the data that is produced by data can be extremely arduous with other tools especially in large companies. In PT it can be as easy as following the arrows.


  • Creates data catalog to reduce metadata complexity

  • Makes metadata easier to handle and keep up with growth

  • System of record within data catalog

  • Rapid development and prototyping

  • Opportunity to reuse data assets and what was learned previously

  • Central location reduces the time it takes to address even the most mundane tasks


  • More time back to employees

  • The ability for other users to learn

  • Better collaborate with teams and across departments

  • Relieve frustrations and stress

  • Provide transparency and clarity into work and data

  • Enable easier workflows

Problem: Poorly Defined or Inaccurate Data



Using Process Tempo's Import Modeler, Data Explorer, Stored Procedures and Alias Engine, users can take ‘dirty’ datasets and clean them up and combine them. Additionally the Alias Engine will crawl the data to discover and score relationships that would otherwise not be obvious. 

  • More trustworthy analytics

  • Improved efficiencies and decision making due to accurate data

  • Using the Data Explorer, users can inspect imported datasets to be able to better understand them and model them for analysis

  • Process Tempo’s Alias Engine uses AI/ML to interrogate multiple datasets to find commonalities, which allows for a more robust data set

  • Process Tempo’s Import Modeler lets users to take complex datasets and join them together in a manner that allows advanced analytics, reporting and visualizations

  • Process Tempo’s Stored Procedures allows customers to transform and cleans data to assure the accuracy  


Process Tempo’s Advanced Analytics Platform helps users take messy inaccurate datasets and clean them up for consumption. Instead of using excel or other data viewers to manually cleans data, PT provides a way to automate this cumbersome task. It can help find hidden relationships within disparate datasets that is typically a very difficult process. Process Tempo also uses advanced algorithms to expose these otherwise lost relationships allowing data engineers/scientists more time to analyze instead of preparing data. 

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