Compliance Pressure?
We have a solution

Access to data is the key to compliance

What is your audit strategy?

Audits are not just about numbers

Financial audits are one thing, compliance audits are a completely different animal. Each year federal and local governments realize a growing revenue stream from the collection of fines from businesses who fail to demonstrate how their organization maintains compliance.

An over reliance on spreadsheets

Businesses run on spreadsheets and tribal knowledge and auditors know this. Proving that your organization is compliant with a spreadsheet never works. It is time to try to change your strategy.

Constant change doesn't help

With businesses continuously evolving to the latest demands knowledge about how the organization operates quickly becomes opaque. Businesses also have an over reliance on business documents as means of capturing and storing knowledge. These documents grow old as soon as the author closes the laptop. Their value becomes less the more documents are created. It is a vicious lifecycle. Process Tempo offers an alternative.

Fiefdoms don't make it easier

The Legal Department has a separate contract system from the Sales team. Marketing is writing their own policies. The Executive Team is ordering new edicts. Engineering has found a flaw but nobody knows it. The list of disconnects are endless. Verticalized or disconnected systems spell trouble when it comes to audits. How do you solve this?

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