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Cyber Security Threat #1:
Poorly Designed APIs

APIs are now the number one attack surface for hackers. They represent cracks in your organization's cyber security defenses that silently expose sensitive systems and information to the outside. With Process Tempo, you now have a platform and a plan to correct this.

"Our development practices were the wild-wild west.

The left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing."

What is an API Security Program?

An API Security Program is a command and control capability that empowers organizations with an enhanced perspective into their API landscape allowing them identify and remediate issues before they become compromised.

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Technology alone will not solve this problem. It requires a comprehensive, program-based approach that includes people, process and technology.

A standards-based development practice coupled with a single API gateway is a great start but often very difficult to maintain in the face of complexity and employee turnover. The constant pressure to meet development deadlines adds to the challenge.


Improve Transparency Across the Software Landscape

An API Security Program is just the start of what Process Tempo can deliver. There is untapped potential trapped in your software and hardware infrastructure data once it becomes consolidated and accessible. New opportunities to increase transparency, reduce risk, and save money are created.

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Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Develop a clear perspective into software dependencies.

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Global Infrastructure Knowledge Graph

Troubleshoot problems much faster with an integrated knowledge graph

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Intelligent Cloud Migration

Make smarter planning decisions now that infrastructure data is easier to access.


The API Landscape Assessment

Connect your API landscape into a single, unified effort and support all your API stakeholders - from developers, to product managers, to cybersecurity teams, to executives - with the full visibility and control into the API lifecycle required to continuously improve API security posture over time.


API Discovery & Inventory

Process Tempo taps into existing API tools, gateways, API platforms, and other systems to create a single data source that is reflective of the APIs used across the organization. The result is an organized, standardized repository of API information - an API Catalog - that is generally the most comprehensive system of record an organization can possess around their APIs.

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API Risk & Quality Scoring

Armed with the API Catalog, Process Tempo then conducts an API Ownership Audit. The audit connects APIs with specific people so the responsibility for remediating poorly designed APIs can be defined and tracked. Each API is then assessed from a risk and quality perspective using a pre-defined scoring template.

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API Tracking & Reporting

Once API Risk and Quality concerns have been identified, the organization should immediately take steps to begin fixing and remediating these issues. Process Tempo supports this effort through pre-built, auto-populating dashboards and reports designed specifically for tracking the remediation effort.

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API Insights and News from Process Tempo

Discover articles and guides from Process Tempo to keep you up to speed on best Cybersecurity data practices.


Reduce API Security Risk by Leveraging Graph Analytics

Enterprise security teams oversee an average of 76 security tools to respond to their cyberthreat challenges, creating a false sense of security and a failure to address underlying issues. This tunnel vision can prevent teams from seeing the full picture at a time where visibility and transparency is key to combat rising threat levels. 


Without visibility into high-risk areas like your API Landscape, it can be extremely difficult to develop the executive oversight needed to close the gaps between your API-related tools and teams. 

Discover how Process Tempo + Neo4j can help businesses develop visibility, establish executive oversight, and close the gap between API tools and teams:

API Security Webinar 2023


API applications to improve your security posture

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