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Augment your data science efforts with fresh new analysis

Merge unique perspectives with modern technologies to generate fresh new insights

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What We Offer:

A combination of foundational data governance support, a managed service approach, and advanced analysis capabilities that can round out your analytics strategy


Foundational Data Governance

Our flagship platform was designed to help organizations capture and organize data in a consistent fashion. This foundational capability helps to maximize the value of data and reduce complexity

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Managed Services as a Strategic Asset

Organizations no longer want to buy software. Instead they want a fully-enabled service designed to return immediate value. This can only happen by combining modern, flexible technology with a proven set of best practices

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Advanced Analysis Capabilities

Process Tempo delivers a suite of unique analysis features that come out of the box to immediately augment an organization's existing analysis capabilities

Our Pre-packaged Analytics Services:

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Data Maturity Assessments

Organizations strive to develop a better understanding of their customers, processes and operations. Understanding what data assets are available to achieve this is critical. We help our clients develop the necessary insights to make this happen

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Data Science Readiness Assements

Changing the way data is analyzed can be difficult for business units who lack an artificial intelligence or machine learning skillset. We help these groups understand what will be required to implement advanced analytics

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Capability and Operational Modeling

We assist organizations who are heavily dependent on spreadsheets by helping them develop strategies to move to more robust, scalable and less risky alternatives

Also included: a suite of packaged service offerings to help organizations advance their analytics capability
Advanced Analytics

Augment your existing analytics capabilities

with out of the box features:

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Graph Analytics

Graph analytics are a unique set of capabilities that focus on how data interrelates. Process Tempo provides a number of built-in advanced features to help your organization take advantage of these connections


Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph helps different team members search, discover and analyze data without having to write code or conduct multiple steps to compile data. This creates a huge time savings

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Impact Analysis

With connected data, we now have the ability to analyze relationships in order to better understand the impact of change. In additional analysis capabilities also help us to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

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