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JULY 1, 2020

Process Tempo is set to reveal the newest version of its platform - Version 3.2 - at an upcoming Virtual Launch Party on July 9. The milestone is a major move for Process Tempo on its mission to better connect people, processes, and technology.

This latest release is all about removing the barriers between people and data so that decisions can be made faster and more accurately,” Says Phil Meredith, CEO, and Founder of Process Tempo Inc. “In these unpredictable times, it is more important than ever to maximize the value of an organization’s data. By making data easier to understand and access, we’re helping companies implement cost-saving initiatives that can make a big difference to the bottom-line.


Over the course of the product development process, the focus has remained on "Crushing Complexity", reducing the time, effort, and cost for organizations to solve problems using their data. It also follows the theme of previous releases in increasing speed and simplicity by adding powerful features and refining how users interact with these features.


These newest features and updates have already demonstrated an ability to turn hours of difficult, manual work into few-click steps that provide immediate, actionable insight and value to individuals and teams.


Feature focuses include:

  • User Interface & User Experience

  • Recommendation Engines

  • Data Source Connectors & Imports

  • Roles

  • Analysis CapabilitieS

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